• Google Apps for Education

    Every teacher in District 86 will have a Google web "splash page" that will link to their department’s homepage on the new website. The page will include contact information, including the teacher’s school phone number and email address. It will also include a list of the teacher’s classes/periods for the year. Each class page will have the course syllabus with important course expectations in addition to the content covered in the class. Critically important due dates will be shared on a basic calendar, entered in the grade book, and/or listed on the syllabus at the start of the year (or semester), so these student requirements will be visible and easily accessible to students and parents. These resources will also provide useful information for the case managers of Special Education students and for the staff and teachers who assist academically at-risk general education students in guided study halls. In addition, all students will have GAFE accounts for their email. During Freshman Orientation, the class of 2020 will get their accounts set up as they learn about the technology supports in District 86.

    Throughout the year, professional development will be provided on Google Drive, Docs, Forms, and Classroom. Advanced sessions will be offered on creating digital formative and summative assessments, on providing timely feedback in a paperless, cloud environment, and on “flipping” the classroom, which reverses the typical instructional delivery method. In the flipped classroom structure, a student’s homework assignment is to independently watch instructor-created videos that teach new content and/or demonstrate new skills. The following day students use the class period working on related practice problems or on application activities that help them build their mastery of the new concept. This structure provides students with guided, group practice that is supported by the teacher and their peers, in essence “flipping,” or reversing, the order from the usual pattern of a teacher lecturing the full group during the school day followed by independent homework practice at night. These technology strategies will expand each teacher’s repertoire of instructional options, allowing for a variety of methods for content delivery.

    In general, through these professional development sessions, teachers will discover, discuss and apply ready-to-use technology web tools and instructional strategies to make their GAFE classrooms more student-centered and collaborative. All of this training has been, and will continue to be, provided by our talented Instructional Innovation Coaches: Steve Moore, Adam Hallihan, John Schlamann, Jim Bondi, Toni Tortorello-Allaway, Kris Frees, Michael Palmquist, Arpan Chokshi, Joe Liaw, and Marty Nelson. This group operates under the leadership of Assistant Principals Jessica Hurt and Eric Martzolf, our Director of Instructional Innovation, David Lapetino, and is supported by Pamela Bylsma, Assistant Superintendent for Academics, our Director of Technology, Tim Hohman, and our Data Programmer, Tom Thomen.

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